Get Covered Calculator

This calculator tool from the Kaiser Family Foundation is a quick way to see what you might qualify for on the Health Insurance Marketplace. However, this tool is just an estimate and the only way you know exactly what you qualify for is to fill out an application on

Step to Get Covered:
  1. Fill out this calculator tool to get an estimate of what you and your family qualify for such as: tax credits, cost-sharing reductions, Montana Medicaid, or Healthy Montana Kids.
  2. Fill out an application on on your own or find a local enrollment assister who can help!
  3. Once you submit an application on, you’ll receive an eligibility determination notice that outlines exactly what you qualify for.
  4. Go shopping for coverage! After you know what you qualify for, you can shop for a 2018 plan. If you are eligible for a tax credit, you see how much your monthly premium will cost you out of pocket, after your tax credit has been applied.
  5. Select a 2018 plan and make sure you pay your first month’s premium to start your coverage.

Now that you have an estimate of what you qualify for, it’s time to Get Covered!

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