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Banner explaining end of Open Enrollment coming on December 15th

Open Enrollment is until December 15th. With this shorter time period, it’s important to be prepared to get enrolled! Free, confidential and unbiased help is available to help you through the enrollment process. Find local help here.

The ACA is still in place, which means that financial assistance is still available to help you find the right coverage for your wallet. This also means that there is still a tax penalty in place for those who are uninsured.

Enrolled members of Federally Recognized Tribes can enroll throughout the year. Learn more here. But, for descendants and enrolled members alike it’s still important to re-shop around on the Marketplace because plans change and you’re going to want the one that best fits your life.

You can also enroll in Montana Medicaid anytime throughout the year and don’t have to wait for the Open Enrollment period.

If you are still looking for 2017 coverage: 

To get 2017 coverage you’re going to need to use a Special Enrollment Period. To learn more about SEPs click here. There have been some changes to SEP verification as of June 2017. If you are applying for an SEP, we encourage you to reach out to an enrollment assister so that they can help you through a new verification process. Find local help — their assistance is always free and confidential.

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Enrolling in a plan can be confusing, especially if you are new to insurance, but that is just the first step! It is important to understand your coverage so that you can get the healthcare you need for a price that works for you. Don’t worry, we can help! There are more than a hundred enrollment assisters across Montana who are trained, certified, and ready to help! Their help is always free and confidential. Find local help near you. We can help you make sense of new affordable Montana health insurance options.