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Open Enrollment is here and we can help!

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to shop for 2017 insurance coverage and find a Montana health insurance plan that works for your health needs and your monthly budget. Each year you have the opportunity to shop for a new plan for the coming year.

2017 Open Enrollment ends on January 31st! Don’t miss your chance to get covered for 2017!

Open Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: I like my 2016 plan. Do I really need to update my account and shop around for a 2017 plan?
A: Yes! Each year the plans on the Montana Marketplace change including: monthly premiums, plan structures, networks, and out-of-pocket costs. Also, you may have family and income changes that may impact your eligibility for tax credits that help make your coverage more affordable.

Q: I heard that Montana rates went up. How will I be able to afford my insurance coverage?
A: Correct, many Montana plans are more expensive in 2017. However, the majority of Montanans qualify for tax credits that help make their monthly premium more affordable. The majority of Montanans will see their tax credit go up to make up for the rate increases. It is really important to update your application and make sure you are getting the correct tax credit for you and your family.
A: The best way to get insurance coverage that works for your health needs and monthly budget is to go shopping. Each year, insurance premiums, plan structures, provider networks, and out-of-pockets change. Make sure you are shopping around for a 2017 plan!

Take the next step to get covered! 

  • Contact a local enrollment assister who can walk you through the application and plan selection process. If your local enrollment assister doesn’t have any available appointments, you’ll need to apply on your own either over the phone on online.
  • Enroll on your own at If you already have an account and have applied in previous years, your information should be saved. However, you’ll need to update family and income information and select a 2017 plan.
  • Enroll on your own over the phone: 1-800-318-2596. The call center staff person will ask you the application questions and walk you through the process. You’ll even be able to select a plan over the phone.

Have questions about your Montana health insurance options?
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Applying for and selecting a plan can be confusing, especially if you are new to insurance. Don’t worry, we can help! There are more than a hundred enrollment assisters across Montana who are trained, certified, and ready to help! Their help is always free and confidential. Find local help near you. We can help you make sense of new affordable Montana health insurance options.