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Why get covered?

There are many affordable or zero-cost health coverage options for American Indians, whether they are an enrolled member or a descendant. Cover Native Montana, a branch of Cover Montana, is here to help you make informed decisions about your coverage options!

Neither Indian Health Services nor tribal health is the same as health coverage. Therefore, it’s a good idea to explore your health coverage options. Coverage, in coordination with IHS, Urban Indian Health Center or Tribal Health, will allow you access to many services outside those that are offered by your local service unit alone. Having insurance is a good way to improve your health care, but if you aren’t looking to gain coverage you may be able to receive an exemption from the tax penalty.

What are your options?

The recently expanded, Montana Medicaid is an affordable option for Native Americans that meet the requirements. If you meet these requirements you will not have to pay premiums or copays and will have access to tons of services that will improve your overall health.

As an American Indian, the Marketplace offers many options for coverage. Such as, if you are an enrolled member you are able to shop on the marketplace outside of the open enrollment period and you may qualify for a zero-cost-sharing plan. The marketplace offers affordable options for descendants, such as cost-sharing reductions if you fit into the requirements.

Do you have questions?

Health coverage is a fickle friend, and questions are bound to arise. There are many different avenues to receive help in answering your questions about health coverage and IHS or tribal health. Want to learn more about these options specifically? Click here. After reading further into the options check out a local enrollment assister that can help you in person. Learn where these people are by clicking here.

If you’re an enrollment assister looking for Cover Native Montana materials, contact us by emailing!